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What Does Pilates Mean To You?

  • It helps me in harmonising myself in all dimensions.

    Dheeraj Kesharwani

    Yoga Teacher

  • I love yoga as it feels like coming home, when I practice.

    Damla Suer

    yoga teacher

  • Yoga balances you . Your body , mind and soul. People thing yoga is just a postures , but it's the way of living.  

    Nick kumar

    Yoga Instructor

  • Yoga is my 'Gateway' to inner peace & stillness a moving meditation-Unity.  

    Tarnia Chapman

    Yoga Teacher

  • Yoga is happiness.  

    Beatrix Szarka

    Yoga Teacher

  • I love yoga because it knows no gender, no race, no religion, no age and no judgement. The yoga community is something that will welcome you no matter where you are in the world.

    Devyn Clarke


  • Pilates is a beautiful movement philosophy that has helped me understand movement on a deeper level and allowed me use that to prevent and treat my own injuries as well as others'.

    Hened Choueiry

    Pilates Practitioner and musculoskeletal physiotherapist.

  • Because I love myself.  

    Zeid Bataineh

    Yoga Teacher

  • Yoga Keeps me grounded , peaceful and keep me growing in my spiritual journey.  

    Ajith Shankara

    Yoga Teacher

  • Yoga, it helps me immensely with my daily routine, mood I find it compliments my weightlifting regime.  

    Masab Ali

    Yoga Teacher

  • People of all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities can do yoga. you will be amazed at how your flexibility, your well being, health will improve every time you attend a yoga class!

    Dalila Tobias Bajoudi

    Managing Director

  • However long your session, yoga is all about centering yourself and maintaining that zen-like feeling for the rest of the day.


    Yoga Instructor

  • I am convinced that Yoga is the future of fitness and wellbeing, a lifestyle which can be easily maintained with guaranteed results.

    Tony Shoushani

    Yoga Teacher

  • Yoga is a practise in which you lit a light which will never dim.  

    Sundara Kasinath (Kasi)

    Yoga Instructor

  • With gratitude I feel that teaching yoga is a privilege and enjoy sharing the knowledge and the endless benefits of Yoga using holistic techniques

    kishore krishna

    Yoga Instructor

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